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According to Forbes, 91% of managers found that employees’ alignment with company culture carries as much or more weight than their skills and experience. Company culture is simply a work environment’s shared values, attitudes, behaviors, and standards.

Having employees that fit the company culture makes it much easier for everyone to work together and share work responsibilities. Employees who mesh well with the culture tend to have much higher levels of employee satisfaction. In this article, we’re going to discuss how companies can keep company culture alive with Remote Staffing and Virtual Team Building:


1) Finding the Right Fit

The first step is finding the right fit for your company culture. At TBO, this begins with a conversation with our clients to understand your company culture, personality traits and other factors we need to look for when finding the right fit for your organization. You can think of this as a company culture assessment; this should be done before you start interviewing candidates. Once this is done, you can assess your potential candidates against these criteria and identify the best cultural fit for your organization.


2) Expectation Setting

In addition to evaluating your candidates based on these criteria, the next step is setting expectations. This simply means having a specific conversation with candidates about what would be expected of them on the job regarding company culture. This may be team building activities, working a certain amount of overtime, dress code and any other company culture-related activities to ensure that there is a clear picture of what will be expected of them and have them agree to it.


3) Virtual Team Building

Once you have found the right candidates, your job is not done yet. You need to make a consistent effort to maintain your company culture through team-building exercises. These exercises help people to become acquainted, share ideas and understand what is considered the norm in this company.




Company culture is usually defined as the shared values, attitudes, behaviors, and standards of a work environment. An employee’s compatibility with company culture can significantly affect their efficiency, retention, and ability to work well with other employees. You can use specialized remote staffing services to ensure your candidates are fully vetted and prepped on your company’s culture and expectations. This way, you reduce employee friction and improve employee retention, morale, and overall productivity. If you would like to learn more about our remote staffing services, you can contact us here.