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How it Works

Exceptional results without wasting your money or time.

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A simple and powerful process that meets expections.

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Job Description/ Tasks Provided

Provide us a few details and a description will be tailored to fit your business needs, no matter how unique they may be. Our skilled employees are trained to adapt to your specific industry, and ready to tackle any task you require.

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Recruitment, Screening & Interviews

Our team will identify and attract top talent by understanding your specific needs and requirements, and then leverage our extensive network to find the perfect candidates. We take care of the screening and interviewing process, conduct comprehensive background checks, reference checks, and assessments to ensure that the candidates we present meets your criteria.

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Start Date & Training

A start date you and your team agree upon. It can happen as soon as a couple of weeks depending on your need. We will work to understand the level of training required so that your needs are met as quickly as possible. Since our staff is already trained in most elementary or intermediate requirements, we will work closely with you to identify any additional training needs that align with your staffing objectives.

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Onboarding is a special time where your remote personnel get to know your company culture, their role, and your needs and expectations. We handle all benefits so there is little to do in the way of technical onboarding.

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“We had a difficult time recruiting people with the qualification to help us run our business. They found peole who were well educated and understood our customers and our business. They made the whole process very simple.”

John W.

E.V.P of Sales Management, Shoprider

Revolutionize your hiring process with the most reliable employees.

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Revolutionize your hiring process with the most reliable employees.

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