How It Works

How much more are you willing to pay? How much more time are you willing to get away? Let’s get you paying less. Let’s have a conversation. Especially if you have concerns, we can talk and we can address those concerns. The first step, however, is to read below to see how the process works.
How the whole process works
You know you’re ready and we’ve talked it over. You know what you need and what to expect. Now you’re ready for the next steps. What happens now?
Agreement Signed

Take a look at the list of services that we offer in each industry. This list is built off of our experience, so it doesn’t yet include what we haven’t done! We can really help anyone in any industry, just give us a call to find out how we can help you.

Job Description/Tasks Provided
The job description and the tasks that will be expected of your remote personnel are custom. What you need is completely up to you. While our employees are trained in specific software and industries, they can still help you with your unique needs.
Start Date Agreed Upon
This date may be in a few days or it could be upwards of a month or two, depending on your needs and our current offering.
Since Tactical Back Office employees are already trained in your elementary and intermediate skill requirements, so further training is up to you.
Onboarding With Client
Onboarding is a special time where your remote personnel get to know your company culture, and what’s expected from here on out. Since we handle all benefits, there is little to do in the way of technical onboarding.

I have been nothing but thrilled with the services of Tactical Back Office and the solid foundation of its people. Our TBO service member was an instant Teammate! She “hit the ground running” and continues to show her worth daily. I look forward to many more successes with our team and with Tactical Back Office.

Katie Zeiders

Revenue Department Supervisor, MMR

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