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Revolutionizing the hiring of front and back-office staff.

We developed a new approach to reducing turnover and increasing retention.

Revolutionizing the hiring of front and back-office staff.

We developed a new approach to reducing turnover and increasing retention.

A Company Just Like Yours.

We owned a company just like yours. We struggled to find reliable employees to keep up with customer demands for our services. We turned to staffing solution providers to help fill the gaps in our workforce but were constantly left frustrated by the unreliability of the employees we hired. They were insufficiently trained and did not understand the culture of our company or our customers. Worst of all, they did not fully understand the details of an industry that was incredibly complex.

We needed a new approach to staffing and training to support the goal of reducing turnover and increasing retention, while ensuring our staff and our customers’ expectations would consistently be met. So, we created a new, comprehensive, personalized, screening and training program for remote employees. One that would allow any business to spend less time and zero investment on recruitment, screening, training, or benefits. So, we took matters into our own hands.

“We addressed the two most important areas of staffing. First, we overhauled the compensation structure to relieve the financial pressure and allow a greater focus on operational flexibility, customer service and business growth. Secondly, we assembled an extensive pool of talent we have been cultivating, training, and working with for years, with the assurance that each candidate was highly educated and experienced in several industries. Thus, Tactical Back Office was born.”

                                        -Todd Usher, Founder

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The result of our new virtual staffing solution has continued to help our clients increase retention rates, reduce turnover, and boost margins. Overworked employees who were under significant pressure were suddenly happier and more productive due to the additional support staff who were able to assist them with their workload.

This success story is a reminder that sometimes, it takes frustration and disappointment to spur innovation. By taking a risk and developing a new approach, we were able to improve our business, keep our customers happy, and help our employees succeed personally and professionally, even in challenging times.

Today, we continue to help hundreds of small and medium businesses improve the remote staffing experience without the risk.

The Tactical Back Office Experience

Looking to hire the best candidates? We’re experts in your industry and understand the importance of finding reliable employees to help your business thrive. We’ll handle the screening, matching, and training process, ensuring that you get the right people for the job. Best of all, there’s no cost or risk to you.

Hiring Smart, For Less!

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Todd Usher
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Finding reliable employees starts right here

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