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Hire Smart & Reliable Healthcare Virtual Assistants – Ready to Work

The future of healthcare staffing is virtual, cost-effective, and reliable.

We Provide Reliable People & Predictable Performance

We are solving a problem we have experienced over the past 25 years operating an HME business.  

Frustrated by traditional staffing solutions, we crafted our own program to train remote employees extensively, ensuring they meet our high standards for customer service without the usual time and cost of recruitment and training.

Get Qualified, Pre-Screened, Trained Personnel

Our stringent selection process and customized training programs ensure you receive pre-screened, highly-qualified HME personnel ready to enhance your service quality and operational efficiency from day one. All personnel are trained over 8 weeks before joining your team.

Stop the Revolving Door –
Hiring The Wrong Person Is Costly

Say goodbye to costly turnover with the right hire, right from the start. Our vetting process ensures a seamless fit for your team, saving you time and safeguarding your bottom line.

Remote Staffing Trusted By Industry Leaders

Personnel Costs Have Doubled, But Reimbursements Haven’t.

Skyrocketing labor costs confront HME providers and practices while reimbursements stagnate. Our cost-effective, global staffing solutions ensure financial health without sacrificing service excellence.

A Simple Process That Meets Expectations

Get qualified, reliable employees in under 2 weeks.

Speak With Us

Schedule a brief introductory call with us to share your needs. We'll listen to your plans, offer insights, or propose solutions tailored for you.

Pick Your VA

Within days, we'll select qualified candidates. You'll have the opportunity to examine their credentials and select a team member who meets your requirements.

Set a Start Date

We start when you're ready, often within weeks, tailoring training to meet your staffing needs with a team that's prepared to adapt quickly.

Begin Work

Our onboarding integrates remote staff with your company culture and expectations, with minimal technical setup needed as we take care of all HR, payroll and ongoing training.

Start Hiring

How Much Will You Save Outsourcing?

Reduce per-employee expenses by $3,000 to $4,000 monthly with Tactical Back Office’s virtual assistants, adept in tasks from call handling to insurance verification. Check our healthcare roles below, or contact us to customize a position just for you.

All Your Staffing Needs. One Simple Solution.

Get expert remote support across all facets of your healthcare business.

Data Management:

Streamline operations with meticulous data entry, organized filing, and comprehensive chart management to keep patient records up-to-date and easily accessible.

Communication & Coordination:

Enhance operational efficiency with scheduling, diagnostic coordination, and communication management, ensuring every message is handled with care.

Patient Intake and Processing:

Our services streamline patient registration and order processing, ensuring a smooth onboarding with complete medical documentation and compliance.

Account Management:

Our accounts receivable management, patient collections, and bookkeeping services ensure a healthy cash flow and accurate financial reporting.


Secure revenue with diligent prior authorization, timely billing completion, and a follow-up system designed to minimize delays and maximize reimbursement.

Patient Relations:

Elevate patient satisfaction with dedicated coordinators focused on confirming appointments, managing resupply needs, and nurturing ongoing patient relationships.

Support Services:

Ensure every call is promptly attended to with our dispatcher services, offering a reliable point of contact for all patient or service coordination inquiries.

Care Coordination:

Specialized in healthcare logistics, our team efficiently processes hospice and resupply orders, ensuring timely and accurate support for ongoing patient care needs.

The Benefits of Hiring A Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants swiftly cut through insurance claim backlogs, improving your cash flow and freeing up vital resources. Experience efficiency that keeps your revenue cycle moving smoothly.

Free your in-house staff from burnout with our virtual assistants, who shoulder the extra work and enhance productivity. They’re not just support; they’re your efficiency partners.

Transform overwhelming call volumes into satisfied customers with our virtual assistants, ensuring no call goes unanswered and every client feels valued.

Our virtual assistants are a direct path to rapid, qualified hires — say goodbye to the endless cycle of recruiting and interviewing.

Cut the costs, not the quality of your Revenue Cycle Management, with our expert virtual assistants who deliver top-tier RCM support affordably.

Let Us Find Your Next Employee