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In 2022 a study on Linkedin found that as many as 76% of managers stated that finding the right candidates to fill job postings was their biggest challenge. It’s no secret that finding the right talent to fit a business need is difficult for many companies. In this blog post we’re going to highlight an alternative that many companies use to help find the right fit for their job postings known as remote staffing.

This is the process of company’s looking to find job candidates by using the global marketplace rather than just hiring locally. There are many benefits to doing this and we’re going to highlight some of the biggest advantages of this in this blog post:


1) More Candidates to choose from

The first and most obvious benefit here would be having a larger pool of candidates to choose from. Even for some of the largest countries you are restricted to choosing between a few million candidates at the most, however by going to the global marketplace you have a population of over 7 billion to choose from. This gives you significantly more options to choose from.


2) Increased cost efficiency

Due to differences in currency, costs of living and other factors it can be significantly cheaper to hire employees from certain countries. By leveraging remote staffing you can find qualified candidates with all of the experience and skills that you need for a fraction of the cost to you.


3) 24/7 Coverage

By having access to employees globally it’s easier to find staff that can work at varying hours of the day. If you’re only hiring people from one location then all of them will be working from the same time zone and it can be difficult to get people to work outside of the standard 9-5 hours. By hiring employees from different countries, you can find people who are willing to work outside of those hours because they are in a different time zone and what’s non-standard hours in your country would be very similar to a 9-5 schedule in your local time zone.


4) Better communication with end users

Depending on who your clients are, it may be beneficial to have employees that can speak multiple languages. Depending on where you are located it can be difficult to find people who can fluently speak different languages, however by accessing the global workforce you significantly improve your chances.


5) A more diverse workplace

More than ever having a diverse workplace is a goal of many employers. Whether that’s part of the company’s social responsibilities, a mandate from the government or just a personal initiative of the hiring team there are many reasons why companies may seek to diversify their employees. This can be difficult if you are forced to pick from just your local candidates; however, using remote staffing you can find quality candidates from several different backgrounds to help your company meet its diversity objectives.




Remote staffing is the process of company’s looking to find job candidates by using the global marketplace rather than just hiring locally. This service has grown in popularity as things like the internet and remote workplaces have made it much easier to work with people all over the world rather than just the people in your local area. In this blog post we highlighted some of the main benefits that you can get using remote staffing. At TBO staffing we are a specialist firm that helps match companies with the ideal candidates.

We use a Zero Risk staffing approach that allows companies to reduce overhead, increase employee retention and get highly educated and fully trained employees ready to hit the ground running immediately. If you’re interested in our services, we offer a free assessment to identify if you would be a good fit for our program.