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Tactical Back Office(TBO) is one of many staffing companies that specialize in the healthcare industry. We understand the importance of finding, attracting, and retaining the right people to provide top level service to your patients and clients. As a healthcare provider recruiting can be seen as a necessary evil, it takes your time away from focusing on your core competency and many companies simply don’t have the HR personnel to produce consistent results.

The solution to this is using a remote staffing service, companies like TBO take on the burden of finding, vetting, and training talented professionals to meet the job specific requirements of our clients. This means that you will receive high quality talent while only investing a fraction of the time you would have if you did the recruiting yourself. Here are some of the major benefits of using remote staffing:


  • Improved Efficiency

This translates to a lower investment of both time and money. Studies suggest that the cost to replace just one employee is roughly 50%-60% of that employee’s salary. Meaning an employee making 60k per year will cost roughly 30-45k to replace. This includes hard costs as well as soft costs such as the time it takes for your internal HR team to look at resumes, do interviews, talk to hiring managers etc. Specialist companies like TBO can provide high quality candidates for a lower overall cost than you would if you tried to do it yourself. This is a result of our optimization recruiting process that comes from several years of business experience.


  • Reduced Turnover

TBO has a highly qualified pool of candidates and experience screening candidates to ensure that they are a good long term fit for our clients. In the healthcare industry in particular burnout and stress are major issues that lead to high turnover rates. Knowing this TBO takes special care to screen candidates and match them with companies that fit their long term goals, their work life balance and gives our client’s some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.


  • Reducing Overhead

One of the benefits of using a remote staffing agency rather than relying on an in-house team is that you only pay us when you need us. We allow companies to have the flexibility of paying us to help them find quality candidates on an as needed basis rather than having to put us on a consistently payroll that would result in unnecessary fixed costs. We handle all aspects of the job search from beginning to end, allowing you to avoid the overhead costs associated with having your own HR departments.


  • Employees trained on the specific job tasks

One of TBO’s biggest assets is that we put all our recruited employees through job specific training to ensure they are prepared from day one to add value to our clients. We work with our client’s to identify the specific job roles, tasks and attitude that are required to be successful for a particular job and we work with our candidates to ensure they understand and are ready to deliver in these areas.



TBO’s founder has decades of experience in the HME and DME spaces and understands deeply the type of experience, skills and attitude needed to fill jobs in this industry. TBO’s process is designed to find and prepare top talent to deliver high quality service for our clients. If you are interested in our services we offer all prospective clients a free assessment to determine if you are someone that should look into using a remote staffing solution. If you would like to get started immediately with our solution you can contact us here, otherwise subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information on a regular basis.