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Simpler outsourcing. Better value. Happier customers.

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Our teams have achieved the following healthcare KPIs:

  • DSO: 38
  • Held Sales: 1%
  • Collection Ratio: 78%
  • Error Rate: 5%

Featured Companies

We have helped a variety of providers, vendors, and manufacturers across the United States with remote personnel services. We’ve saved them even more on labor. Read what they are saying about us below

High Desert Medical
Lancaster, CA

Howard’s Medical Supply
Yakima, WA

Owens Healthcare
Yuba City, CA

Merced Medical Supply
Merced, CA


“We started with two Tactical Back Office (TBO) employees, and within the first week we had amazing results. Our main issue was the everyday repetitive and tedious tasks were becoming overwhelming, and with the everyday customer phone calls, and customer walk-ins, it is very easy to fall behind. On day one we had our first training, and it was a breath of fresh air knowing that TBO employees already had a background in our DME industry, and also our billing software. The training only consisted of our company policy and procedures. Now a few months in we have increased our TBO employees, and also the scope of tasks they do on a daily basis. There is no task I give them that they cannot handle and take care of themselves to completion. They are truly a great addition to our team! Which brings me to my final point of review. TBO are not your typical remote employee company from overseas, Our TBO employees are our team mates and communicate with us every minute of the day as necessary. They interact over video messages, and it makes training and walking through issues a breeze. They are very much so a part of our team!”

Zachary Clark
Billing Manager
High Desert Medical

“I have been nothing but thrilled with the services of Tactical Back Office and the solid foundation of its people. Our TBO service member was an instant Teammate! She “hit the ground running” and continues to show her worth daily. I look forward to many more successes with our team and with Tactical Back Office.”

Katie Zeiders
Revenue Department Supervisor

“I can tell you that Owens Healthcare went 2 years struggling to find adequate staffing. In the current unemployment rate it is VERY difficult to not only find good employees but also retain personnel. I’m very proud of the company I work for. We have excellent benefits, pay and recognition, but even with all the “perks” the reports show that today’s workforce will change jobs up to 4 times per year. We felt this pain.
We began with two Tactical Back Office (TBO) employees to work our CMN’s. We hadn’t worked with many people remotely so was not quite sure what this would look like. TBO took care of all the electronic and technical aspects. They also provided the initial training on the software so by the time we took over they both had a good understanding of DME. From there, we were able to train on our specific job duties. We have since added additional duties to include obtaining authorizations and Medicare recertifications.
Within 3 months we brought an additional TBO employee to manage our faxes. This has been another great addition to our team as it’s allowed our local staff to move our business forward.
All 3 employees are smart, professional and have a great work ethic. They (TBO Staff) are eager to learn and take on whatever tasks we throw at them. I’m pleased with our decision and look forward to how we will be able to utilize their services in the future.”

Tammy Miller
Operations Manager
Owens Medical Equipment

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