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Remote personnel are experienced in your industry and job requirements.

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Save money on labor costs and meet your goals with your assigned teams.

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Your assigned teams are committed and efficient. Turnover rate is less than 5%!

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Simpler outsourcing. Better value. Happier customers.

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Gone are the days of high turnover, high labor costs, under-experienced recruits, and lengthy on-boarding. Our teams are ready to work, committed to your success, and experienced.

Our teams have achieved the following healthcare KPIs:

  • DSO: 38
  • Held Sales: 1%
  • Collection Ratio: 78%
  • Error Rate: 5%

Featured Companies

We have helped a variety of providers, vendors, and manufacturers across the United States with remote personnel services. We’ve saved them even more on labor. Read what they are saying about us below

High Desert Medical
Lancaster, CA

Merced Medical Supply
Merced, CA

Owens Healthcare
Yuba City, CA


Zachary Clark
High Desert Medical

Tammy Miller
Owens Healthcare

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